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Split crankshaft gear for diesel engine.

Our speciality is precision gears up to Ø1250mm. Contact us and hear how we can fulfill your gear demands.

Windturbine Gears;
Yaw Drive   I   Pitch Regulation
Generator Gearbox

Sunwheels   I   Ring Gears  I   Planetary Gears  I   Carriers

Marine Gears and Shafts with Classification

High Speed Gears | Turbo Gears

Product Examples

At Hero Gears we have a long tradition in the production of ground precision gears.

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Working Range

As a gear grinding specialist, we use the latest technology and the best CNC machines. Combined with our expertise and skilled employees, we ensure that the desired result is achieved.

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The Process

Hero Gears A/S offers all processes related to gear manufacturing.

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